Sunday, August 29, 2010

Exciting things happening at Dough-A-Deer!

Ooooo we are soooo excited to announce some of the awesome stuff that has been going on here at Dough-A-Deer!!!

We are committing ourselves to getting the word out about Dough-A-Deer and we have skipped small and are starting big!!!

In about 2 weeks we will be making fresh batches of our doughnuts to drive to local wedding and event coordinators to spread the word!
Etsy has proven to be good to us so far! We have already been a part of 2 treasuries which have every hope of making it to the front page! Wish us luck!!!

We're working on getting our exact packaging done! Check out these adorable wooden tags we've ordered!!
Love them!!!
We will keep you all updated! Keep an eye out for new flavors!!!

The coffee and doughnut doughnut
The bacon and maple doughnut
the pumpkin spice doughnut!!!


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