Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yummy review: Have It Sweet LLC

There are many things I love about etsy.com...the tight knit community atmosphere, the easy transactions and communication and most of all...getting that package in the mail!

Now I am a creative person and I made a vow when I joined etsy to never purchase anything I could make myself but I couldn't help but drool at Have It Sweet's page in my favourites section! I decided that there was no better reason to indulge in some home made marshmallows and caramels than my birthday! Not only do they have mouthwatering photos but their reviews are 100% positive and the descriptions kept me coming back to the website!
I ordered the marshmallow shooters with half Heavenly Vanilla and half Sugar Cookie Marshmallow as well as a pack of the Cloud Nine caramels.
Let me tell you, I received the package and immediately told myself it was okay to try one of each. I will NEVER buy a bag of commercial marshmallows again. EVER! They are absolutely amazing and the flavor is genius!!!

As for the caramel, the salty sweet combination was superb! You can tell as soon as it hits your tongue that their products are made from quality ingredients and they really do care about every customer no matter how big or small the order is! I would recommend them to anyone with a sweet tooth and even the people who don't have one! My husband ate some of the caramel and I really have to twist his arm to get him to eat anything I make!!!

Click the first photo to get to their website! Treat yourself to some yummy treats because, really...you deserve it! <3

-Love & Dough

**All photo credit to Have It Sweet LLC**

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