Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New years resolutions

So I've been told that there is something like a 86% failure rate on New Years resolutions according to some survey. This same survey told me that I am finally, the majority at something in my life. YAY! Or...?

Thing is, maybe it's just me but I swear, it takes me forever to come up with my New Years resolutions...FOREVER. So WHY take all that time and all the effort and all the sweat and tears and just not even follow through? Well, you can ask me and I will tell you. Every year is different but it's one of the following ALWAYS:

A) I change them because I am lazy- Lose 20 pounds? Well...20 is kinda a lot and I really don't want to let myself down so I am just going to start small with 2.

B) I get jealous of other people's resolution completion- So you've gotten through 6 of your 10 resolutions and it's only march? NICE. Me too...but I don't tell them that they are things I have already accomplished and they're really not special.

C) Sometimes I just plain forget- Yeah, whatever. I've got a lot of stuff to do. I lose a lot of calendars. I "forget" that I promised everyone around me that this year I would try my hardest to be funnier and instead I became lamer-ish. Nice!

After much negativity I will admit this has been a pretty amazing year for me! I've done a lot of growing up and accomplished a lot of things, met a lot of awesome people and I know 2011 is going to be BETTER (if that's even possible!) So this year I decided that since I had all you wonderful people around me it would be easier for me to make resolutions that are keepers...or MAYBE you guys taught me that baby steps are easier and more attainable and less scary!

So here they are! 10 totally legitimate (i promised I haven't accomplished these yet) and doable resolutions!!!

1. Meet 1,000 or more new people
Sorry, there is no clause saying I will remember everyone's names.

2. Update the packaging for Dough a Deer
Thinking about bells AND whistles

3. Clean the house more?
Hubby, this ones for you...probably one of the ones I don't follow through with though. ;)

4. Keep in touch with my grandparents
After what happened with my other nanny, it makes you appreciate people more. No ones time on earth is UNLIMITED so appreciate the time that you do have with people who matter.

5. Spend more time with my parents
They rock after all.

6. Call more than text
Although I DO text much faster than I talk!

7. Eat more green stuff
Green icing and sprinkles don't count. They really don't.

8. Go on more dates
With my husband...not other men! Unless he's cool with that...a free meal is a free meal, right?

9. Show my friends how much I appreciate them
I've learned a lot about people this year and the friends I have are real and they deserve all my love.

10. Take my pup on walks up steep hills
Why? For both of us...he's getting chubs and I've been chubs so it's some good bonding time ;)

So there it is! Did you write resolutions!? What are they? Did you keep the ones you made last year?! I gotta know!

<3 Love you guys, have an awesome and safe New Years Eve!!! Don't drink and drive, don't let someone else drink and drive and try not to puke. =]

See you in 2011!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a strong believer in giving back! There is nothing better than the awesome people who love my product and my ideas! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Every business needs a great support system and that is what all of you are!! Dough a Deer's support system!!

So since it wouldn't be feasible for me to send you all a gift of a dozen doughnuts i wanted to have a holiday giveaway of something BIG! HUGE! AMAZING!

So here it is, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

From today, 12/23 until Saturday, 1/1 you have the chance to win an entire YEAR of Dough a Deer doughnuts.

Ummm, yeah, that's no typo. One lucky winner with get a dozen doughnuts every month until January 2012! WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT?!

Alright, so you may think I am crazy...I certainly think I am crazy, well I KNOW I am crazy but I think this is the best thing I can do to say how thank you I am for everything this year!!! :)

Here is what the winner will receive (oldies and some new flavors not even listed in our shop yet!)

One dozen of each:
January- Hot cocoa (chocolate with vanilla topping)
February- pink/red (raspberry and cherry topped)
March- Original doughnuts with green topping
April- Coffee and doughnut doughnut
May- Rose and lavendar sugar
June- PB and J doughnut
July- S'mores
August- Orange creamcicle- orange doughnut with vanilla topping
September- Apple spice
October- Pumpkin Spice
November- Sweet Potato with marshmallow glaze
December- Chocolate mint with peppermint glaze and crushed candy canes

So there ya go! I bet you're wondering how you can win this awesome prize?!

Here is what you do!

1. If you aren't a fan of our facebook page, friend us!!!

2. If you aren't a follower of our blog do so!

3. Suggest us to all of your FB friends and get them to say hello when they become a fan and that you sent them!

4. Post this giveaway link on your personal page, your business page, your twitter and/or your blog and let us know by posting the link!

5. Don't forget to leave a separate comment for each entry for more chances to win!

P.S. Give yourself an extra entry for every 5 people that become our fan because of you! :)

So there it is!!!

Good luck to everyone and thank you all for everything and I can't wait to see you all in the NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! :)


***no substitutions, please...winnings will be shipped every month for (1) year in the middle of the month!****

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

S'mores chocolate bars

Okay...I have something rather embarrassing (for me) to admit. Up until last summer I had never tasted a REAL s'more. I'm talking legit, old school, chocolate/fattie marshmallow (roasted over a campfire for authenticity) sandwiched in between 2 graham crackers. So I may have had a few "faux s'mores"...aka microwaved marshmallows OR marshmallows a roastin' over my gas stove top..ARE YOU JUDGING ME YET?!

When I tasted it I vowed to carry that flavor and happiness to anything I could. DOUGHNUTS came first! If you haven't tasted them yet, you must put it on your bucket list!!!

So what does Nicole do while she's not baking doughbabies for my wonderfully amazing customers/friends!?!?!?

Lots of stuff. BUT today I am sharing with you a fun thing that I found somewhere...can't remember where, sorry!!! I saw a photo of it and I knew I had to do it! SOOOOO...TAH DAH, S'mores chocolate bar!!!!!!

SO here is what you need:
1. Chocolate bar mold- Find this at cake supply stores, Michaels...etc.
2. Meltable chocolate (i don't recommend wilton...well, ever)
3. Mini marshmallows
4. Honey mini teddy grahams


So here is what you DO:
1. Melt chocolate in the microwave...I recommend this chocolate, just because it's easy and separated. Note: I used 3 squares (3 ounces) per chocolate bar cavity...your amount depends on what kind of mold you buy!

2. Pour chocolate into each mold. You're going to have to swirl it around and get it to the edges with a spoon and then I suggest tapping on the counter to make it nice and smooth!

3. Now the fun part! You can get creative here...I was really anal and did alternating marshmallows and mini grahams. FRIENDS QUOTE "Now, you're going to want to put them in concentric circles."

4. Now NORMALLY, I don't recommend putting chocolate in the fridge but for right now, it's okay...Pop it in the fridge until they harden then take them out and wrap them however you choose! :)

As you can see...I put my chocolate bars in the fridge next to my huge costco sized bag of carrots...which one will I grab for first? hmmm.

Thanks for reading and enjoy! =]

Love and Dough,

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tis the season!

It's been a great start for us over here at Dough a Deer and we have all of you to thank!

I've done so many things and had so many ideas before Dough a Deer came about...would you believe that I am a licensed phlebotomist? Random, right? My family have stuck through me during all of my mind changes and crazy ideas.

Believe me, I went from high school to office jobs to wanting to be a writer, then wanting to be in the medical industry then going to 1.5 semesters of culinary school for a pastry artist then back to wanting to be a journalist. I know...WHY DID MY PARENTS PUT UP WITH THAT!? I don't get it...but they have stuck by me and believed in me with everything I did and every stupid or silly business plan I had! That's what parents are for!!

I have been with my husband for 5 years and he was a little bit more skeptic about the doughnuts...I believe his words were "who is going to want doughnuts? Why did you buy so many sprinkles?" Then once I started getting orders and he saw how much people responded to these little babies he was on board. He carries my cards wherever he goes and hands them out to people telling them to "check out my wife's business". He's is everyone else I am about to mention. I was helping a friend write a blog entry about thanking the people that matter and it inspired me to do the same.

The wedding professionals that believed in me and helped me and showed me off and whatever else awesome people do. You guys rock, seriously. Those of you that are seasoned in the industry have helped me in more ways than one. You keep my mind in the game! You showed me what fantastic customer service looks like!

The fantastic people I've worked with from Etsy and the other people i've collaborated with on photo shoots! It's been an honor to work with you and see my doughbabies on different dessert tables! Thank you for the opportunities!

The awesome people who have ordered from me and continue to order!!! THANK YOU for supporting handmade! Thank you for supporting a new business and thank you soooo much for your enthusiasm for my product!!! YOU GUYS ROCK! You all rock!!

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC holiday season and an amazing new year! Next year is going to be great for everyone, I KNOW IT!!!

Love and Dough,
Nicole Anderson

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A note about my photos and products! I don't like being mean at all...well, sometimes I do but this isn't one of those times!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEASE don't use my photos without either linking back to one of my pages, or letting your readers know it's my stuff!! I can't stress this enough! I work really hard on recipes, flavors and most importantly, my PHOTOS and I don't want to have to start watermarking them! No fun!!!

Also, I am in the process of trademarking "doughbabies" "doughmamas" and "doughdaddies" so please don't use those either! I don't want to have to sick my attorney on you! ;)

I'm the nice doughnut gal! Treat me right and we'll treat you right! We love you guys! All of our fans and friends are more than welcome to post about us just please link us!! We work hard for you all!

<3 You guys rock!!!

Love and Dough,
Your dough-friend Nicole

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dough a Deer Holiday Gift Guide 2010! PART ONE!

Here it took me a while but I searched HIGH and LOW on Etsy to find just a few of the great gifts you can find on ETSY for the important people in your life!!!

For the Newlyweds:

Picture the newlyweds curled up on the couch with their Mr and Mrs mugs filled with hot cocoa or coffee! So cute!!---$20 plus shipping from Whitewash Sundries

What a cute way to keep the wedding photos around! Send in a photo and she paints it onto an ornament to put on the tree! --Only $28 plus shipping from Magic Markings Art

A great way to carve your initials in the tree without actually doing it! :) Perfect for the holidays!
Only $46 plus shipping from Cozy Blue

Put your new married name on the wall! Will stick to pretty much any smooth surface so the possibilities are almost endless! -- Only $26.95 plus shipping from Ghetto Vinyl

For the expectant parents/new baby:

I don't have kids yet but when I do, i will FOR SURE buy one of these adorable tie onesies!! I can't stand it's cute-ness!! size 0-18 months-- Only $13 from We Choose Joy

What a precious gift to a new or expectant mother! Comes in girl or boy in sterling silver!
Only $29 plus shipping from Bri Guys Girls

Great print that can be personalized to match your baby's nursery and with the name of the new addition! Only $18 plus shipping from Apple Blossom Print

Everyone knows that pickles and ice cream are the ultimate pregnancy craving! Now the expectant mom can wash with it! :)---Only $6 plus shipping from AJ Sweet Soap

For the food lover:

Mmm home made marshmallows...NOTHING better! I have personally tried these and I can't stand how amazing they are!--Only $9 for 16 from Have it confections

GREAT sampler box. Includes shortbread cookies, chocolate chili cashew biscotti, espresso brownies laced with Dulce de Leche. MmM--Only $24 plus shipping from Whimsy and Spice

Yummy jams butters and marmalade...pick 10 flavors and get them shipped right to your door! A great addition to a gift basket! Only $20 plus shipping from Orange Mama Made

This woman is truly an artist! These are made completely out of candy and rice krispies! So great for a sushi lover! Sushi you can ship!--Only $11 plus shipping from Death By Cupcake

Stocking Stuffers:

So cute! A great little purse sized calendar in a case! Different prints on every month!
Only $5 plus shipping from Blue Jardiniere

Everyone needs soap! How about these cute cassette soaps! They come in orange, green, pink, purple, blue and yellow! Only $10 plus shipping from Stinky Bomb

I will never have the patience for these adorable scale foods! This one is a burger with chips (or crisps as my husband would say)--Only $9.75 plus shipping from Mouse Market

Awww! Cute little cotton candy plushies! In this listing you get one pink and one blue so you can fill 2 different stockings! ---Only $30 plus shipping from Scrumptious Delights

This is part one!!! The rest will come later!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's the biggest shopping day of the year! Do you plan on sending someone you love doughnuts? Or maybe you would like to put some in your own stocking?! :)

I will be participating in Black Friday AND Cyber Monday!!!


Buy ONE DOZEN and get 50% off (not including shipping)
Buy MORE THAN DOZEN and get the following:
Buy 2 dozen and get 1 dozen free (save $10)
Buy 4 dozen and get 2 dozen free (save $20)
Buy 6 dozen and get 3 dozen free (save $30)






Dough a Deer shirt in etsy shop now!!!

Yay!!! So i teamed up with an amazing graphic artist to design an AWESOME shirt for me to wear to shows and mixers and guess can own one too!!!

Pick one up in my etsy shop (link below) for only $35 including shipping!!! Cyber Monday deals on the shirt are coming too!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Small business'/finding the right vendor!

I cannot stress enough the importance of finding the right vendor for your event! It doesn't just mean for weddings...any party!!!

When you start to plan an event, your goal is to make it memorable, AMAZING and in budget!!! You've heard it before though, you get what you pay for. Sometimes cheap isn't always the best choice. Always try to meet with vendors before you book them. Know what the vendor is like in person, especially if you are having them AT your event!

Take time to contact the vendor's references as well if you are in doubt about them.

My wedding was in June and I have vendors I would recommend to ANYONE and EVERYONE then there are some that I couldn't bring myself to talk about their work in a good way. In this industry, making a good impression on EVERYONE is what keeps your business only takes one unhappy client to tell people that they weren't satisfied with your work to become an issue for you.

I've been asked why I am still "plugging" the vendors from my wedding when I got married 5 months ago. My response was simple...when I am happy, they deserve to be given positive feedback for as long as I can still speak. People get married every day and they will continue to. Just because I didn't get married yesterday doesn't mean that I am not happy with them anymore!

I am a lover of small business'...really...I buy tons of stuff off etsy during the year, I plan to get my holiday gifts off the website and I have a lot of close friends and family who have small business'. It's not easy. It's not cheap. Sometimes it's not fun! At the end of the day, you ARE your business...your business is your livelihood and you are the one responsible for making sure you please people and make your product or service shine EVERY TIME!!! Do that and your happy clients will make sure people know about you! Referrals are the most flattering business!!!

So anyways, why am I talking about this? Because the holidays are coming up and I know a lot of wonderful people who deserve to have their name and their product/service in the spotlight for holiday gifts and holiday parties!!

So if you're reading this and you have a small business PLEASE post your name and your link along with a little bit about what you do! That way other people can visit your site and support small business'!!!!

<3 you guys!!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Okay, so I am really not full of myself...I promise! I DO however know the value of true friendship and good old fashioned LOVE! I love holidays, don't get me wrong but I don't know why you should have to wait until a national holiday to show someone that you love them just as much as they love you!

Truth is, I, like many people have gone through a lot of friends. What I mean by that is I basically don't take people's crap and I feel like life is too short to just have to "tolerate" a friendship with someone. Thing is, through my journey I have found people that I would absolutely do ANYTHING for. People that see friendship as a two way street and not a one lane, one way highway. My friends and family and husband are my life and I wouldn't be ANYTHING without each and every one of them.

I also believe that when someone is amazing they deserve to know it. SO THAT, my friends, is why I am dubbing Saturday, Dough a Deer national LOVE YOUR FRIEND day! That's right....I just made up a holiday. A holiday that should be celebrated EVERY DAY but too often is not thought of!

So here is the deal...since I LOVE my friends and family and I know you do too and I LOVE you guys which means I LOVE your friends and family (see what I did there?) I am having a very special weekend deal just for people like me who love their friends and family!

Starting Saturday, November 20th at 12am PST and going through Sunday, November 21st at 11:59pm PST you will all be able to take part in a VERY SPECIAL deal that you won't get after this weekend!!! It's our own holiday and we're going to celebrate it!!!

So in honor of the dough-mama debut I will be offering the following:

5 dough-mamas for $5 with $4.95 shipping (small flat rate box)
Total: $9.95
Choose from the following:
Regular with white chocolate + colored sprinkles
Regular with powdered sugar

You will get 5 wrapped all pretty with a card that says "______ is thinking about you, you rock! Happy Love your friend day!" or something along the lines of that ;)

This is ONLY valid to you purchasing it and shipping it to another address! It's supposed to be a fun little surprise for your unsuspecting friend or family member!

You must contact me through my etsy account

or by email

It's time to celebrate those special people who make your world a better place! Celebrate LOVE, celebrate LIFE and celebrate FRIENDSHIP!!!

Love you guys!!!

****Offer valid from Saturday, NOV 20th to Sunday NOV 21st. Not valid with any other flavors, fillings or doughnuts. MUST be shipping to another address (this is supposed to be for your friend/family! If they are wonderful enough to be getting this gift they are wonderful enough to share!!! ;) <3

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today Dough mamas made their debut!!!

So what ARE Dough-Mamas?!

The mama of dough-babies, of course!!!

Check out our etsy shop for more information! The best thing is, THESE CAN BE FILLED! :)


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ordering and Shipping schedules for the HOLIDAYS!!!

It's that time of the year my friends! The time where you get little (or big) tokens of your appreciation for the wonderful people in your life!!!

Here at Dough a Deer we are committed to making your holiday season yummy and adorable! We give you our word! :)

We do, however, anticipate a busy holiday season and we want to make sure every single person who wants to order get their order in on time AND get it shipped in time!!!

Please see the below ordering and shipping schedules if you are thinking about ordering for any of the upcoming holidays!!! SHIPPING TO ALL STATES EXCEPT ALASKA AND HAWAII ARE GUARANTEED BY PRIORITY SHIPPING IN 1 - 3 DAYS.

THANKSGIVING (November 25th)
Get your orders in NO LATER THAN Thursday, November 18th
I will be shipping on Saturday, November 20th and Monday, November 22nd

HANNUKAH (December 1st - 9th)
Get your orders in NO LATER THAN Wednesday, November 24th
I will be shipping Monday, November 29th

CHRISTMAS (December 25th)
Get your orders in NO LATER THAN Wednesday, December 15th
I will be shipping Monday, December 20th and Tuesday, December 21st

NEW YEARS EVE (December 31st)
Get your orders in NO LATER THAN Wednesday, December 22nd
I will be shipping Monday, December 27th and Tuesday, December 28th

Please follow the schedules and deadlines in order to ensure you get your order!!! I will only be taking in as many as I can do for each holiday and since it's just me right now it won't be endless amounts!!!

Please specify if your order is for a gift or for a party and if you need it for a specific date!!!

Thanks!! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I got chills...they're multiplyin'!

Seriously...everyone...I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about what is to come at Dough a Deer within the next couple weeks!!!

I can't say this enough. EVERYONE is AMAZING! Yes, that means YOU! So how that works out is that because I love you all so so so so so much I stay up late every night brainstorming and internet surfing and I spend days as a mad scientist in the kitchen (seriously, I scare myself) and I can't wait for you all to see what is in store for the Dough a Deer shop JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!! =]


In addition to that I am getting ready for collaboration on some AMAZING Dessert tables and fun stuff with some AMAZING people!!!

Stay tuned, I KNOW YOU WILL!!!! also, we're working on our holiday packaging! Buy your one dozen packs while you still can because come December the minimum orders are 16!!!


Everyone starts SOMEWHERE!

Ooooo I have been known to get way ahead of myself. I have always been the girl who wanted to do 3 different things at any given time with her life. It's hard to choose, so what! ;)

Now that I find myself doing something I LOVE to do, I find that I am looking for the next step and the next thing that I want to see Dough a Deer doing! There is always room for improvement and new ideas and new people and new places!

Take a look at the first doughnut I ever baked, decorated and photographed.
I took the photos and I sent them to a wonderful lady that I "met" on etsy and she told me to get rid of the flash, use some natural light and use the macro setting. So I tried just that because, well, she was a successful person to me!

I came up with this:

Then I started to get a few sales...I met a lot of nice people and I made some new business friends which are amazing enough to go out of my way to be friends with in real life!

So I tried to get creative

And more wonderful people start to notice. And more wonderful people want me to be included.

But the thing is, I love you all so much that I want to DO MORE!

I want to do MUCH MORE! So stay tuned for the next step for Dough a Deer...I may not know when it's coming but I know that it IS coming and you should be as excited as I am!!!

To all our fans and everyone who has helped me and continues to help and will help down the road, you ROCK and you are the reason we keep on keepin on! <3 MUAH!!!!!!!!