Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October, breast cancer awareness month! **long post**

I LOVE October...it is one of my favourite months! In October though, the main focus is Halloween and don't get me wrong, i adore Halloween and everything that comes with it but October has a more serious and important focus.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a woman, it's always in the back of your mind and chances are you know someone that has been affected by this horrible and unavoidable mess. Everyone knows the best thing for beating breast cancer is early detection and it's VITAL as 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. 1 in 8! Can you believe that? Do you have 8 women in your life? It's scary to think about.

A few years ago I was told that my grandmother had breast cancer...I was told on the day she had the surgery to remove the mass. She beat it. She beat cancer...cancer took my grandfather 12 years ago. My grandmother was an amazing person and without the aid of donations and scientific studies, cancer could have possibly beat her but instead, she beat cancer. Some of you may notice I used past tense. She beat cancer and she fought so it wouldn't take her life but something else did. On July 11th of 2008 my grandmother was side swiped by a cement truck in a merge lane...the driver admitted to not paying attention. On September 13th, 2008 my grandmother passed away of brain damage resulting from the accident.

She was an amazing person that accomplished and survived so many things in her life time. I want to give back in honor of her. I want to give back in honor of all the women you all know that has had to endure this cancer. For your moms, sisters, grandmothers and friends. I want to give back to all the women who will have to one day hear the words "it's cancer" so they can at least find solace in the thought that there are people working to one day find a cure. We can help!

I am listing a pack of a dozen pink doughnuts on my etsy website...for every doughnut pack I sell I will donate 10% to the Susan G Komen for the cure. The doughnuts will be one dozen, pink and white doughnuts with different sprinkles packaged and shipped to your door for $12.00 plus shipping. Every little bit we can contribute is something that helps fuel the search for the cure. Let's beat this!

Please tell everyone you know...I will also be looking for more etsy sellers who want to participate and donate too and I will update this post often with their links.

Thank you so much <3 href="http://www.etsy.com/shop/doughadeer/">

This will be from tomorrow until October 29th...donation will be made November 1st. =]

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lots of wonderful things!

I love people and unfortunately, before I started this business I was quite the hermit...not too many opportunities to go out and meet new people since I was out of a job (like 8000000 million other people in this dang planet!)

After our wedding in June, I had been officially out of a job for a year and I had probably sent out close to 9 billion resumes (yes, i know i exaggerate) and didn't get one call back from anyone...and I promise you, my resume is great. It got depressing...seeing so many people struggling and seeing so many jobs being lost, family's being forced out of their homes...i felt so helpless.

Not everyone knows how Dough a Deer started...it is a funny story, actually. One night at like 12am I decided I wanted a krispie Kreme doughnut...remember when they used to be open really late? Well, they're not anymore. Depresso! So i got home from the disappointing trip and decided I wanted to see if I could make my own...Amazon brought me a machine and well...the rest is history :)

But we started off small like all business'...well, most business'!

Great things are happening and they're happening fast!

We're on theknot.com now...I'll post a print screen when I have it!

We'll be in the yummilicious treats sampler box at sampler villiage in January! YUMMM

We're now featured in the gourmet guide on Pizzazzerie's blog!

Our dessert table photoshoot was featured on Save the Date for cupcake's blog!

And keep your eye out for our new halloween shoot with Tanya from STDFC. Our doughnuts are on their way to New York as we speak :)


and stay tuned...this week I will be adding a new listing to our etsy in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month!!!

Love and dough to you all! <3

Friday, September 24, 2010

A blank canvas

Here at Dough a Deer our doughnuts are literally a blank canvas. What does that mean? Well...when I say this I am definitely not exaggerating. The. Possibilities. Are. ENDLESS!

Do you like peanuts? Gurlll, we can do that! Nerds candy? Easy peasy!

No seriously...what do you want on your doughnut? Cereal?

Or maybe you like a good candy bar when you're feeling the sweet tooth coming on!

Check out those blank canvas doughnuts! Woop woop!

What is your dream doughnut topping?! SPILL!!!

Love and Dough

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sneak peek at the halloween/autumn dessert table photo shoot!!!

Christine Bentley

Candy and Set up
Candee by Sandee

Dough a Deer

Have It Sweet

Sugar Cookies
Sugar Coated Cookies

Thank you bags and Tags
Simple Tastes

Pumpkin Spice Truffles

Smores and sugar cookie pops
Sweet Lydias

Thank you to everyone who participated and I will keep you updated on the progress of getting us onto blogs! =]

Love and Dough

Monday, September 20, 2010

New doughnuts added to our etsy shop!

It was about time we added some fun stuff to our etsy shop! Click the links below and check them out!!!

Bride and Groom doughnuts- pack of 16 for $16.00 gift packaged!

ROY G BIV doughnuts- 2 packs of (6) each...roy g biv colours for $12.00


Thursday, September 16, 2010

So much to do!

Stuff is happening fast here at Dough a Deer and it is soooo exciting!

We've done a couple sample runs with coordinators, a couple wedding mixers and there are a few great advertising opportunities knocking at our door!

When we were planning our wedding I had just about every wedding magazine that existed. There was one little magazine that I would get anywhere I went...it was free so naturally anyone who put it in my face I would take it from them!

This little magazine is called The Wedding Guide. I went to a wedding mixer in Santa Ana last night and met Debbie, the brains behind The Wedding Guide and we spoke for a bit about my advertising in their magazine for the January issue! It's a great opportunity and I am going to do everything I can to get in there because it's reoccurring advertising for the year!

Not only that but I got an email today from an account manager with Coast magazine to feature me in their February Wedding only issue! This is exciting!

We've gotten two big orders so far, one for a sorority and one for a trade show! Things are on the up and up and thank doughnut Amazon restocked their supply of the doughnut machine I use...I bought 2...shhhhh. lol.

I am so excited for everything! Thank you all for sticking around and reading!!!

P.S. What do you think, should I add these ROY G BIV doughnuts to my etsy shop? ;)

Love and Dough,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Some fun stuff :)

My business cards just arrived today! Here are the designs and below that is a photo of the cards

Here are some cute tags that I ordered as bag toppers! :)

and in action :)

Don't you just LOVE all of the pink!?!?!?

Love and Dough,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our two newest arrivals! =]

S'Mores Doughnut!

Graham cracker doughnut with marshmallow chocolate and chocolate shavings!

Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts!

Yay!!! Will be listed on Etsy soon!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I do have to say...i am sooo inspired by Bakerella @ Bakerella.com

She is on a book tour in October and November for the book she wrote on cake pops...you've heard of them I am SURE you have because everyone has!!

I just read that 3 years ago this all began with her picking up a tin of mini cookie cutters at Williams Sonoma. Is it a little far fetched that I hope I am where she is in 3 years?! Can you picture it?! My little dough babies being made by people all over the world and having a book! A BOOK MADE BY ME!? Whaaaat? She is a great lady I had the pleasure of exchanging a couple emails with about a year ago and her stuff is absolutely adorable!

She deserves it! Do i?! Oh man, I hope so! =] I can't do it without you guys though! I really can't!!!

Will I be the bakerella of doughnuts!? Will buying a doughnut maker on a whim lead to me becoming someone people want to follow and read about!? =D

Tell everyone you know! <3

Love and Dough,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Giveaway Promise!!!

2 dozen doughnuts could be YOURS for free if the following happens by OCTOBER 1st, 2010

-Dough-A-Deer blog gets 100 followers
- Dough-A-Deer facebook fan page gets 150 "likes"

So if you are reading this tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW to do both of those and you could be the winner!!! Plus in the future there will be many more giveaways! =]

<3Love and Dough!!!!

On our way up!

Dough a Deer has been invited to participate in sponsorship at a Hollywood film premiere! It's a last minute thing but it definitely is a VIP event and we are excited to be included!

This is a HUGEEEEEEEE step for Dough-A-Deer as we are in the beginning stages of business! Can we handle it? YES WE CAN!

So on Labor Day I will be spending the entire day making about 300 doughnuts! Gotta love it! =]

100 or so of those doughnuts will be packed up and driven around Wednesday to different wedding and event coordinators so I am excited to establish some new friendships and business relationships next week!!!

I might be needing another doughnut machine soon!!! =o

We also just ordered our business cards so we will post a photo of them as soon as we get a proof! :)

Check out our temp website for packaging/flavor info!

Keep an eye out for pumpkin spice, coffee and doughnut, bacon and maple and s'mores doughnuts!!!

Love and Dough!!!