Monday, September 27, 2010

Lots of wonderful things!

I love people and unfortunately, before I started this business I was quite the hermit...not too many opportunities to go out and meet new people since I was out of a job (like 8000000 million other people in this dang planet!)

After our wedding in June, I had been officially out of a job for a year and I had probably sent out close to 9 billion resumes (yes, i know i exaggerate) and didn't get one call back from anyone...and I promise you, my resume is great. It got depressing...seeing so many people struggling and seeing so many jobs being lost, family's being forced out of their homes...i felt so helpless.

Not everyone knows how Dough a Deer is a funny story, actually. One night at like 12am I decided I wanted a krispie Kreme doughnut...remember when they used to be open really late? Well, they're not anymore. Depresso! So i got home from the disappointing trip and decided I wanted to see if I could make my own...Amazon brought me a machine and well...the rest is history :)

But we started off small like all business'...well, most business'!

Great things are happening and they're happening fast!

We're on now...I'll post a print screen when I have it!

We'll be in the yummilicious treats sampler box at sampler villiage in January! YUMMM

We're now featured in the gourmet guide on Pizzazzerie's blog!

Our dessert table photoshoot was featured on Save the Date for cupcake's blog!

And keep your eye out for our new halloween shoot with Tanya from STDFC. Our doughnuts are on their way to New York as we speak :)


and stay tuned...this week I will be adding a new listing to our etsy in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month!!!

Love and dough to you all! <3

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