Sunday, September 5, 2010


I do have to say...i am sooo inspired by Bakerella @

She is on a book tour in October and November for the book she wrote on cake've heard of them I am SURE you have because everyone has!!

I just read that 3 years ago this all began with her picking up a tin of mini cookie cutters at Williams Sonoma. Is it a little far fetched that I hope I am where she is in 3 years?! Can you picture it?! My little dough babies being made by people all over the world and having a book! A BOOK MADE BY ME!? Whaaaat? She is a great lady I had the pleasure of exchanging a couple emails with about a year ago and her stuff is absolutely adorable!

She deserves it! Do i?! Oh man, I hope so! =] I can't do it without you guys though! I really can't!!!

Will I be the bakerella of doughnuts!? Will buying a doughnut maker on a whim lead to me becoming someone people want to follow and read about!? =D

Tell everyone you know! <3

Love and Dough,

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