Thursday, September 2, 2010

On our way up!

Dough a Deer has been invited to participate in sponsorship at a Hollywood film premiere! It's a last minute thing but it definitely is a VIP event and we are excited to be included!

This is a HUGEEEEEEEE step for Dough-A-Deer as we are in the beginning stages of business! Can we handle it? YES WE CAN!

So on Labor Day I will be spending the entire day making about 300 doughnuts! Gotta love it! =]

100 or so of those doughnuts will be packed up and driven around Wednesday to different wedding and event coordinators so I am excited to establish some new friendships and business relationships next week!!!

I might be needing another doughnut machine soon!!! =o

We also just ordered our business cards so we will post a photo of them as soon as we get a proof! :)

Check out our temp website for packaging/flavor info!

Keep an eye out for pumpkin spice, coffee and doughnut, bacon and maple and s'mores doughnuts!!!

Love and Dough!!!

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