Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little break to say...WE'VE BEEN SNAGGED!

If you aren't familiar with the ladies at Hitched then you are missing out! The beautiful ladies, Paige, Kelly and Audrey host a bridal show unlike any other! They HAND PICK the vendors to showcase to the brides and grooms that are looking for unique ideas for their most special day!!

And one of the vendors they chose was....DOUGH A DEER!!!!!!!!

=] How fun and awesome!! Check out the website for more info! You should buy a ticket if you are in the area because the word on the street is that it's one AWESOME good time!!!

Check out HITCHED

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last day of Giveaway! Dough a Deer! =] Ends October 31st

A HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEE thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway! The winner of the 6 dozen doughnuts (shipped this month at my discretion) ISSSSSSSSSSSSS (contact me at to arrange shipping! =])


Use by the end of this month!! :) Pass along to friends and don't forget to use the code!!

Thank you thank you to everyone that participated and we truly appreciate your friendship and love!!! :) finally, at the end of Doughnut week, Dough a Deer has their giveaway!!!

First of all, I would like to THANK THANK THANK all those who participated in my Doughnut week giveaway and I hope you got some new fans and orders! It was such a pleasure getting to know all of you (at least 5 questions worth) and I had a great time! Also congrats to all the winners!! I hope you tell your friends about the lovely vendors you won goodies from!!!

Now, most of you are a fan of Dough a Deer because you like doughnuts, right? Or maybe you thought they were cute? Or maybe you were thinking about ordering or have already ordered! Whatever the reason you are all ROCK. Seriously, Dough a Deer is NOTHING without their fans and you are all the BEST FANS ANYONE COULD EVER HAVE!

And what do I do for people I love? Give stuff away, obviously. So what am I giving away? Get ready for it...GET READY FOR IT!!!!!

6 dozen doughnuts!!!!!!!!!! OH SNAP! My giveaway is a $60 value!!!! Woah woah woah!
So what do you need doughnuts for? Thanksgiving get together?! Birthday gift?! I will be shipping your prize during the month of November!

So of course, in keeping with this weeks theme...I am going to answer the questions I asked too!

1. How did you start your business and when?
Well we got married in June and I had been out of a job at that point for over a year. I searched for another month and realized it was time to take matters into my own hands. At first I was planning on re-opening my cupcake business then decided it was time for a change. One night I was craving Krispie Kreme and I went there but they were CLOSED (i thought they were open lateee!!!). So I decided to search online for how to make my own. BOOM! Dough a Deer was born! And it's so much more successful than I thought it would ever be this soon! <3 style="font-weight: bold;">.What is your favourite product or design to make for your customers?
I loooveee custom orders! I basically love any order to be honest...each one is great and most of them have a story and a cool destination and purpose and it's so fun knowing that the little guys are flying all over the U.S making people happy!!

3.What would you do if someone gave you a million dollars to invest in your business?
What a dream. I would open up a bakery most likely somewhere in San Diego...or I could just stay here I suppose! lol. I would hire some helpers (including my mom) and I would get a machine made up that pumps out ridiculous amounts of lil dough babies! Also maybe a dipping machine =]. Plus I would stock up big time on supplies!

4. How are you gearing up for the holiday season?
I am developing some new flavors and working on the holiday gift packaging! I am anticipating a very busy season so I am trying to mentally prepare myself too! =]

5. So like, how much do you love doughnuts?
They are just sooooooo can you NOT love them!? There are so many flavor choices!!!

So how do you lovely people win!? Tons of ways to win!!!

Entry#1 - Follow my blog

Entry#2- Post on your FB page about this giveaway (add the link to your page/post)

Entry#3- Post on your twitter about this giveaway (add link to page/tweet)

Entry#4- Go to my etsy and tell me what flavor/color combo you would like to see!

Entry#5- Tell me what you would do with the 6 dozen doughnuts if you won!

Entry#6- If you aren't already, become our FB fan!

Don't forget to leave a separate comment for each entry and tell all your friends!!! =]

Giveaway ends October 31st...winner announced on November 1st!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Giveaway Day #8 Posh Pixels Ends 10/24 @1am PST




No party or event is complete without amazing paper and labels, right?! :) Kristy at Post Pixels is another one of those ultra talented ladies with the graphics! Check out her etsy (link below) and see some of the great stuff she designs and sells! The best part? They are printables which means you can print AS MANY AS YOU WANT!! :)

Kristy is giving away A set of her Limited Edition Halloween Printables! If you have been our fan, you would have seen her printables on the amazing rustic halloween table that Tanya from Save the Date for Cupcakes designed! Now you can have the printables for your halloween party!!

See our doughnuts as the "treats"

This printables set includes the following:

This listing is for DIY PRINTABLE Limited Edition Halloween Collection:
1. Party Circles 2"
2. Hershey Kiss Circle Stickers .80"
3. Party Flags
4. Drink Flags
5. Designer signs 5"x7" (Happy Halloween & Trick or Treat)
6. Designer Label Tents
7. Treat Bag Toppers
8. Trick or Treat Banner
9. 2 Designer Paper Sheets (8.5"x11")
10. Full Size Candy Bar Wrappers

1. How did you start your business and when?
I started Posh Pixels Design Studio in fall of 2008. I was working as a Creative Director for a local marketing firm & kind of hated doing corporate design. After numerous requests from friends & family for custom invitations & birth announcements, I decided to turn it into a side business. I started Posh Pixels to be a creative outlet & do the cute, girly designed I loved.

2.What is your favourite product or design to make for your customers?
Probably my printable Hershey Kiss stickers ~ since I kind of came up with the idea ;) lol

3.What would you do if someone gave you a million dollars to invest in your business?
Would totally switch gears, & open up a rescue shelter for dogs. It's my secret dream ;)

4. How are you gearing up for the holiday season?
Oh snap, I haven't even started thinking about the holidays yet... lol.

5. So like, how much do you love doughnuts?
I love doughnuts more than fat kids love cake!

Here we gooo! This would be fantastic for anyone having a party or even just something small in your neighborhood (like me!)

How do you win?

entry 1- Go to her etsy and let us know your favourite design from her!

Entry 2- Become Posh Pixel's fan on FB

Entry 3- Tell us what you would do with these awesome printables!

Entry 4- Become a fan of Dough a Deer if you aren't yet!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Giveaway day #7 Petit Plat! (ends 10/22 @8:30pm PST)


Sorry for the delay but I promise it was worth the wait! :)

Stephanie from Petit Plat is SOOOOOOOO patient and so talented! When I first stumbled apon her etsy site I was so impressed! On her etsy site you can find miniatures (and ohhhh how i Looooveee miniatures!) and miniature food and dessert jewelery!!

I seriously am obsessed and no joke, the next order I get is going to pay for EXACTLY WHAT ONE OF YOU WILL WIN!!!

I cannot wait to get my own and here is your chance to win....

Your choice of her doughnut stud earrings!!!

Personally, I am going to buy her pink ones because, duh! I love pink! :)

Click HERE to see all the ones you can choose from!

1. How did you start your business and when?

I discovered my passion for miniatures in summer 2007, while I was searching for a new hobby because I was bored...

At the time I was still a student and didn't find a summer job so decided to go 7 weeks to my parents. Well after (only) 2 days I got terribly bored and googled like crazy for a new craft.
When I stumbled upon miniatures all my childhood ran back. Indeed as a child, I played a lot with Barbies and made some clay food out of regular sticky clay for them.

Somehow the passion grew bigger and bigger until it got my entire life. It was a struggle to finish my architecture degree but I knew I wanted to work as an artisan.

2. What is your favourite product or design to make for customers?

I don't really have a favorite product. I enjoy various things but periodically. Sometimes I have the urge to make donuts only and I get annoyed when people ask for cupcakes, sometimes in the other way round :)
I certainly do prefer sweet creations. Pizza, sushi and sandwiches are not my favorites to do. So they mostly are done on request and take ages for me to complete…
If you ask a custom pair of cupcake earrings it mostly is done within 2-3 days. But If you ask a pair of sandwich earrings you can wait 3 weeks :D

3. What would you do if someone gave you 1 million dollars to invest in your business?

Ooh. That's a LOT of money. I would buy a flat or house without a doubt. Right now our situation is a bit complicated and we live in furnished flats, moving pretty often.
As I work from home, moving often isn't wonderful for my creative process.

4. How are you gearing up for the holiday season?

Well I make sure I have enough supplies (earring posts, hooks, boxes, bubble letters) and enough stock. Whenever I only have 1 pair of a design left it goes straight on my table to remind me I have to do it again. And mostly I do (unless it's sushi, pizza or sandwiches huh!).

5. So much do you love doughnuts?

I love them thaaaaaaaaat much :D But only in pictures. I never eat any donuts in real life. I think they're just too fat. Besides donuts aren't veer popular in France. But I love their shape and I love decorating them. It's so much fun to ice and decorate miniature donuts, I never get tired of doing it!

So i know what you're do I win, Nicole?

Well let me tell you!

1. Go to her etsy site and tell us what your absolute favourite little faux edible is

2. Become a fan of Petit Plat on FB

3. Follow her blog

4. Of course, if you aren't...become our fan!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Giveaway day #6 Milk and Cookeez! Ends 10/21 @ 2pm PST

Great turnout for this giveaway! :) The winner is comment 31!
Congrats Stacey! Email Tammy to arrange for your prize! :)

Okay...seriously. Tammy from Milk and Cookeez is soooo talented. Anyone that can make soap look EXACTLY like food and popcicles and candy is OH. MY. GOSH. I'm not joking...if you have never heard of Milk and Cookeez, you have been seriously missing out and when you visit her website you won't be able to leave!!!

This lovely lady has something for everyone! She agreed to donate some doughnuts to the cause and guess what one of YOU will win!

One regular sized chocolate glazed doughnut

and 4 mini apple cider doughnuts in a take out container!!!


1. How did you start your business and when? I started Milk and Cookeez in

May of 2008 as a hobby and on Sept 11th of 2008, I became a

registered business.

2. What is your favourite product or design to make for customers? I

love making fun "food" themed soaps. I love nothing more than taking

soap mold and making it look just like an edible treat. Right now,

because it changes as I get new ideas, I love making Sea Salt Caramel

Apples. It is so fun taking a soap apple and dipping it about 5 times

build up the "caramel" and have it just like a caramel apple.

3. What would you do if someone gave you 1 million dollars to invest in

your business? Oh wow, that is an awesome question, I am such a

I would invest in a Milk and Cookeez Shop with a work area and a

teaching/party area. I would also invest in some serious PR. I would

also donate a portion of it to the Juvenile Diabetes Association.

of why I started making such edible looking treats was because I

to stop eating the treats and still enjoy them.

4. How are you gearing up for the holiday season? I am starting this

year right, I am stocking up. Normally, I make everything as the

come in, but the growth of Milk and Cookeez has gotten to the point

I have to keep my biggest sellers in stock.

5. So much do you love doughnuts? If my brain didn't know

better, I would happily eat 3 at a time. However, since I know how

are made, I have to cut them in 1/3's and have a total of 1. This is

because I love different kinds of doughnuts and want to taste them

You know the drill!!! 24 hours to enter and win!

Entry #1- Go to the website and tell us your favourite product!

Entry #2- Become a fan on FB!

Entry#3- Of course, if you aren't already...become our fan!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Giveaway Day #5! Plushable ends: 10/20 @ 12pm PST

Well the winner of this one was a 50/50 chance!

So I am seriously a sucker for girly things and Pink of course (can you tell?) This next seller comes to us off THE BEST SITE EVERRRR and she is all the way from Isreal!! How awesome is that!?

Entering this contest will win you 2 absolutely adorable button rings with, you guessed it, adorable and HAPPY doughnuts! Check out their cuteness!!!

1. How did you start your business and when?

My love to art and crafts was always one of the most strong and sure things in my life. From childhood I enjoy drawing, sculpturing, sewing, knitting and jewelry making in my free time.
Few past years I was so busy and had no muse, but all the sudden half a year ago it hit me that all I really want to do is to create and try new things.
Then the muse came from all over and I found myself enjoying again from this fabulous world of art and creations. I started to get good feedback from friends and family, and many got interested in my work – from there it wasn't long until I understood I can share my work with others and enjoy it.
I've opened my shop on ETSY and discovered a wonderful world to share my crafts in it. Not long ago I made a big decision to quit my day job and to focus on my crafts and shop while studding for a graphic designer.

2. What is your favorite product or design to make for customers?

I love making custom orders for my buyers – I enjoy converting an idea to their desired item and enjoy the cooperation.
My favorite product is the Magical Unicorn necklace sculptured from clay – I'm really happy it came out just like I imagined and I just love it so much that sometimes it's hard to give it away to the customer : )

3. What would you do if someone gave you 1 million dollars to invest in your business?

If I had a million dollars to invest I would defiantly buy a workshop and separate it to two – one half would be my shop and the other would be a craft workshop where I would teach a group of young girls crafts and art.

4. How are you gearing up for the holiday season?

Now that I have much more free time, I intend to invest it all in making lots of new holiday themed items such as plushies and accessories especially for this season.
As for holiday's sales – it's already on at my shop and there's more to come!

5. So much do you love doughnuts?

Doughnuts make me happy – all the colors, different tastes, frosting and sparkles – for me it's a piece of art! And…you can taste it too! :D
Doughnuts are a great inspiration to me, as you can see there are few items at my shop dedicated to them – these are defiantly few of my favorites.

Entering is of course, EASY PEASY.

Go to her etsy and tell us what adorable girly stuff you would like to see OR your favourite item of hers!!!

Simple!! Ends tomorrow at 12pm PST!!! Good luck!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Giveaway Day #4- Stelie Designs (Ends 10/19 @ 12:30pm PST)


I came across the lovely Stelie Designs on Facebook first and let me tell you...I am a sucker for adorable stationary and invitations. Seriously, I am. I envy those with graphic design skills because, well...I don't have them at all. Stephanie does notepads, wedding invites, stationary, baby announcements, greeting cards and calendars and guess what...she does custom stuff too!!! In fact, I fell so in love with her doughnut design she is giving away today that I am going to order a notepad for Dough a Deer!

So entering this giveaway today gets you a set of 8 of her doughnut design (or other design if you don't want the doughnut) with your personalization! Sound good? I think it sounds great!!!

1.     How did you start your business and when?
The condensed version…I started my business 10 years ago after a
friend of mine said I should. Then I was working too many hours
at my day job and only able to do invitations for family and friends.
In 2007, I quit my day job to stay home full time with my then 2 year
old twins. Found etsy late in 2007 but didn’t get my shop stocked
until 2008. I had another set of twins in 2009 and I have finally
been able to grow my business in the last 6 months.

2. What is your favourite product or design to make for customers?
That’s a toss up between wedding invitations and custom items.
Wedding invitations because I love creating something for two people
in love. Custom items because it pulls me out of my comfort zone and
really gets my creative juices flowing, which usually ends up with new
designs in my shop too.

3.What would you do if someone gave you 1 million dollars to invest in your business?
Rejoice….after doing a happy dance, I would purchase the industrial
paper cutter I’ve been eyeing, a full time marketing specialist, an
employee to package/ship my orders, hire a professional to photograph
my products and someone to design my website. Then I’d probably need
to invest in another printer or so to keep up with all the overwhelming
orders flooding in from my killer marketing specialist. I love designing
and have control issues so it would be a challenge.

4. How are you gearing up for the holiday season?
Last year I was very overwhelmed by the volume so this year, I’ve
been planning ahead by stocking up on my paper goods, looking to
streamline some processes and my packaging. Plus, we moved almost 2
months ago so it’s getting my office fully organized.

5. So much do you love doughnuts?

Too much…when I was growing up on early mornings when we took my
Dad to the airport we’d stop for donuts on the way home. I still
indulge on occasion and always go for the one with sprinkles. My kids
always choose sprinkles when they are allowed to have such yummy donut goodness.

So how do you win!? EASY PEASY!!!
Don't forget to leave a separate comment for each don't want to miss out!

Entry #1- Follow Stelie Designs on FB!

Entry#2- Go to her etsy shop and tell us what your favourite design is of hers!

Entry#3- Follow her blog!

Entry#4- Of course, if you aren't already, become Dough a Deer's fan on FB!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Giveaway Day #3 DOUBLE GIVEAWAY!!! Ends 10/18 @12:00amPST





Soooooooooo I am starting this one a LITTTTLE early and ending it a LITTLE late because there are 2 different sellers and 2 different prizes!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!

This is awesome, seriously...This week is filled with ultimate excitement from me.


So there is this awesome chicky named AmyLynn. She has her own business called Kitty Cross Bones. I AM SOOOOO SURE you have heard of it. This is like the ultimate gold mine when you need to promote yourself or if you want a personalized gift. Really...she puts anything you want on buttons, mirrors, bottle openers, scratch off tickets and more. I have ordered from her and I will continue to order from her...I'm not joking. Are you ready for this? This is like the perfect way to keep Dough a Deer with you at ALL TIMES.

TAH DAH!!! One of you will win a bottle opener and a hand mirror with photos of my doughnuts on them!!! How talented is she? I wish I was good at graphics but for now I will just buy lots of stuff from her. Check them out!!!


1. How did you start your business and when?
I started my business in the Summer of 2004 with my fiance. We were looking for a way to make some extra money and we had no idea it would start what is now known as Kittycrossbones! Our original name was Button Freaks, and we sold on eBay (before I knew about Etsy.) My fiance stopped helping me as he is a DJ now and has no free time! So it's just me and the buttons, (and other fun goodies!)

2. What is your favourite product or design to make for customers?
Awe, do I really have to choose a favorite? Ok. I think it would be the 1" buttons. They are so small and cute, and super affordable! I love to see all the different ways everyone uses our products for.

3. What would you do if someone gave you 1 million dollars to invest in your business?
o0o a million dollars!! I think I would buy a few automatic button machines, so that I can get everyone's orders done faster.. and I would probably also buy a square button machine.

4. How are you gearing up for the holiday season?
Well, to be honest the promo business comes in spurts even during the holiday season. So I can't really prepare, but what I love doing around each season is throwing in a few holiday themed promos - like scratch off cards and stickers!

5. So much do you love doughnuts?
OMG, I LOVE DOUGHNUTS! And I love your name, "DoughaDeer" it's just so adorable!


GIVEAWAY #2!!!!! this chicka and I go way way 3 weeks or so. But whatever, that's besides the point! This lady LOVES glitter and everyone knows that glitter sprinkles on fake doughnuts is awesome. So where can I get me some glitter that will work on the real doughnuts!? The Purple Pug! She is giving away a sheet of AMAZING glittery doughnut stickers! Do you know where you can put these? That's right...everywhere. I seriously wish I could rig this giveaway...ALL WEEK and win all of these doughnut prizes myself. I am in love.


1. How did you start your business and when?
I started my business in 2006.I always loved planning and styling parties.
When my older son was turning one, I could not find anything I thought was unique, charming or special enough for his
birthday party. I got creative and crafty and I handmade most of his partyware. It was such an amazing feeling to be able
to create handcrafted items for someone I adored so much. I was handmade partyware smitten and my business evolved
from there.

2. What is your favourite product or design to make for customers?
All of them! LOL! I love to create handmade anything with sparkle. I am simply honored when someone chooses me to
design their partyware. Love my work, adore my clients.

3. What would you do if someone gave you 1 million dollars to invest in your business?
Hmmm..First and foremost Iwould rent out a fabulous studio space and organize my business they way I always dream about
...I am outgrowing my space now and that would be amazing for me...I would also invest in tools and machinery that would make
production as easy as possible. I would also spend a chunk of that cake on marketing, promotion and advertising. And a
metallic lavender Range Rover would be way promote The Purple Pug, of course..LOL!

4. How are you gearing up for the holiday season?
The holiday season is usually my slowest work wise. I do not offer any official Holiday items or lines. I always
s do custom designs and by request for Holiday partyware, but I keep it on the DL because I actually like the little breathing
room at the end of the year. The holidays are crazy enough with my family:)

5. So much do you love doughnuts?
Ummmm....Totally & seriously adore donuts. My absolute fave are black
raspberry jelly filled donuts with cinnamon sugar coating. I have been using donuts at my parties for the past few years
and am part of the donut mafia:) My little boys are madly in love with strawberry frosteds with rainbow sprinkles-scientific
proof that insane donut love is genetic. Dunkin' Donuts + Krispy Kreme (I call them "Kristy Kreme") + Tim Horton +

So I seriously totally JUST DIED. But then I came back so I could finish this blog entry because, DUH
you guys need to know how to win!

So here is what you need to do LEAVE A COMMENT FOR EACH ENTRY!!!!

#1- Become a fan of Kitty Crossbones on FB

#2- Become a fan of The Purple Pug on FB

#3- If you aren't already, become our fan

#4- Extra entries if you want to let us know what kind of promotional
items you want to see Kitty Crossbones do or if you want to let The
Purple Pug know what you'd like to see all glittery in her shop!!


When the giveaway ends we I will just do 2 random numbers and the
first random number will win the mirror and bottle opener and the
second number will win the stickers! YAYAYAYAY!!!

Doughnut day #2 Groovie Spookie Ville!!! 9AM PST TOMORROW!


First off...sorry I am late...Garage Sale today and let me tell you...I DO NOT like's not fun. That's the great thing about working for yourself. You make your own hours and let me tell hours do NOT start at 6am.

ANYWAYS! Day 2 giveaway! I am excited about these too! Okay, so I am excited about all my giveaways!

If you're like me, you can;t get enough of doughnuts...ANYTHING doughnut themed is awesome, right? Now what about being able to have your lips taste like doughnuts all day? What a dream, seriously. Ella is awesome enough to give away 3 of her doughnut inspired lip conditioners!!! AND a Sheriff Jimmy Bob Joe postcard because I even have to explain that one ?! ;)

Check out her etsy shop...SOOOOOOOOOO cute! Circus themed and lots of bath and body products!!!

For this giveaway you will win the following:

One lavendar fields doughnut lip balm

One Fried Sugar and Cinnamon (fire breather) lip balm

One Sheriff Jimmy Bob Joe lip balm

Soooooooooo cute! Guess what else!? Her lip balms are vegan!!

by groovyspookieville profile shop contact

How did you start your business and when?
I started selling on Etsy because I had been purchasing amazing, handmade items from there & I LOVE everything about Etsy, so I decided to start selling my own vegan body products, that I have been so passionate about making. I started making lip conditioners six years ago because I was addicted to it. Yeah, I had to have one in my pocket or on my night stand available for me at any given moment. I turned my addiction into my passion. I LOVE making lip conditioners & coming up with new flavors, as well as making everyone's lips as smoochable as possible. After all, there would be a whole lot more peace in the world if we all just kissed & made up. That brings me to my labels, I'm fascinated by different cultures & I truly believe that 'being different is beautiful' so a lot of my collections are inspired by people from around the world. I LOVE making fun, inspiring, unique labels for my vegan Body Products, but I also care A LOT about using natural ingredients that will make your lips & skin as silky, moisturized & smoochalicious as possible!! So have your cake & eat it too!

What is your favourite product or design to make for customers?
Hmmm...that is a great question. I would have to say my 'Mariska Red Velvet Cake Lip Conditioner' & my 'Circus Cinnamon & Sugar Donuts Whipped Soap' from my Groovy Spookieville shop & my 'Jeans & T-shirt Kind of a Gal' scented Body Mist' from my Beautiful Twists Shop. Oh & I also love 'Lilith the Ghost's Sultry Musk Silky Perfume Oil' from my Fern Lily Girls shop.

What would you do if someone gave you 1 million dollars to invest in your business?
Wow! Another great question. If someone gave me a million dollars to invest in my business I would be thrilled because I would love to help out all my family & friends that need help. I would also love to donate to some animal charities. Although, I would still want to be part of the whole creation process because that is so fun for me & I would still want all the ingredients to be soothing & vegan. That would just be a dream, huh?

How are you gearing up for the holiday season?
I'm gearing up for the holiday season with deep breathing exercises to keep calm & yoga :). I do seem to get crazy busy, but it's kinda of fun too! I'm excited to create some new products & come up with some lovely, groovy characters for the labels.

So much do you love doughnuts?
In the words of Homer Simpson..."D'oh...Drool." I love love donuts, especially ones with sprinkles & cream in the middle. If the donuts have sprinkles on them I instantly revert back to being a happy child at an amusement makes me so excited!!!!

So I know your next question....HOW do I win these?!


Just go to her lovely website and come back here and leave a comment saying what wonderful circus flavor you would like to see!!!


This contest closes tomorrow at 9am PST!!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Doughnut day #1 Yummy Delicious Cookies [ends 1:45am 10/16]


Congrats Sean and Vanessa Barker!!! Contact Deb on her FB or etsy to claim your prize!!!

Ummmmmmmmmm I LOVE to bake...seriously, there is nothing I love more but there is one thing I just CAN'T do for the life of me and that is decorate sugar cookies!! I don't know what it is about them, I just cannot get the cookie right then I can't get the royal icing consistency right! ARGHH! But that is what this amazing company is for!!

We're kicking off our Doughnut week with the lovely Deb from Whimsical Originals (Yummy Delicious Cookies)...Now, before you visit her etsy site, you must know...BE PREPARED FOR ADORABLE-NESS. I seriously want to buy these all and eat them up but I can't...and I won't. BUT YOU WILL!!! Deb is giving away one dozen beautiful doughnut cookies to celebrate Dough a Deer opening!!! YAY! Seriously, you guys are so lucky. Just LOOK at her adorable monster cookies!!

And OH EM GEE, her Thomas the Tank cookies make me want to pop out a son and have a birthday for him...pronto. Seriously SWEET in so many ways!

So in typical giveaway fashion I wanted everyone who reads this to learn about the amazing people I have participating in the giveaway!

Deb, how did you start your business and when?
-I technically started baking my cookies almost 10 years ago as wedding favors for my own wedding ;-) From there, I did my kids' parties, and a few friends parties. I really started to market my company this past spring once I knew that my little kids were in school full time. So 10 years experience, but only a 6 month old company.

What is your favourite product or design to make for your customers?
- My favorite design to make for customers has to be custom orders... I loved the "Thomas the Train" cookies, or the French Poodle cookies. It's fun to do something different and new.

What would you do if someone gave you 1 million dollars to invest in your business?
- With one million dollars, I would have TWO ovens; industrial-sized mixer; and a full-time employee to help with packaging and shipping, and one AWESOME website. I would still want to decorate the cookies myself. However, one million dollars would REALLY help with marketing!!!!

How are you gearing up for the holiday season?
- For the holidays, I'm hoping to make some unique designs this year. I'd love to work with other designers to coordinate my line - as I did with Halloween with InkSpot Workshops.

And last but not like, how much do you LOVE doughnuts?
- My love for "doh-dohs" started a VERY long time ago. I grew up with a Dunkin Donuts across the street. So early mornings walking to school, I would open the back door to the smell of fresh donuts. OHMYGOSH!!! I can still smell them. I limit doughnuts to special occasions as an adult (slowing metabolism), but the smell still takes me back to

So what do YOU have to do to win!? You have 24 hours...THAT'S RIGHT ONLY 24 HOURS to get your booty to the following (each thing you do is a separate entry and a separate comment! (don't cheat yourself!) I will use that random number thingie to pick the winner! EASY!!! Have fun and good luck!!!

1 entry = Become a fan of the amazing cookies on FB

1 entry = Visit the etsy shop and come back here and tell us one thing (or two) that you would like to see in her cookie designs!! MmmM

1 entry = making Dough a Deer your FB fan if you aren't already!

Remember, each entry is a separate comment and don't forget to tell your friends!!! Maybe if they win they will share ;)

Love and Dough

Thursday, October 14, 2010



Doughnut week! In celebration of Dough a Deer opening (okay, i'm a little late but whatever) I am hosting a weeks worth of doughnut themed giveaways starting tomorrow and ending next friday!!! WOWWWW!

Everyday I will post a blog entry and you'll have exactly 24 hours from when I post the entry to enter for each item!! I've got a bunch of FANTASTIC vendors collaborating with me!! I promise you, these prizes and sellers are AMAZINNNNNGGGGGG (notice the letter repetition!). Who knows...I may add ONE MORE DAY to the prizes! ;)

Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing who the happy winners are!!!

Note the excitement. It's not for nothing. =]

Love and Dough

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Press! =]

OoOoooO lots of people helping to spread the word about Dough a Deer and I can't be thankful enough!!! I just wanted to take a minute to show some love back!!!

DJ Tasos and the amazing people at LSM entertainment rock! For all of your DJ and lighting needs these guys will far surpass your expectations! Check us out on their preferred vendor list!

The LOVELY Christine Bentley should be the only one you trust with your photos on your wedding day! Her eye for details and her amazing editing skills will leave you saying "yay"! Find me in her preferred vendors list! **that's a photo from our wedding!**

This is seriously the most beautiful bridal shop I have ever seen! Anna and Amy did such a fantastic job with the decor and their vision! Truly an amazing bridal experience! Dresses and accessories! You have to visit! See me on their preferred vendors list!

Okay...Jackie at Hollywood Candy Girls is my hero! She took something simple like candy and turned it into a ridiculously successful business and her work is PHENOMENAL! Do you need a candy buffet for your wedding or event? There is no where else you should go! Check out the blog entry about us! :)

Courtney at Pizzazzerie is fabulous. Seriously...check her blog out, she has SO MANY FANTASTIC IDEAS!!! Check me out in her Gourmet Guide! :)

Featured on Save the Date for Cupcakes

Tanya at Save the date for cupcakes is also ultra fabulous! She is so sweet, she posted our dessert table we did we etsy sellers! Guess what else?! Her site is FLIPPING ADORABLE! Check out all the dessert table inspiration! Check out OUR dessert table!

If I missed you, I suck...everyone else that will be posting about Dough a Deer in the future, YOU ROCK!!! <3

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What makes Dough a Deer unique?!

Here I am...another late night (and boy am I tired)! I've been doing promotional work all night and was trying to think about what I could market as the thing that sets me apart from most wedding favor vendors.

The cute factor = the smile on your face when you open the box or bag and see a sweet little doughnut staring back at you.

The yum factor = 2 bites of absolute's nothing you have ever tasted before. My special recipes and great topping combinations guarantee that!

Not to mention...we BAKE our doughnuts. This means a few different things:

1. They LAST LONGER! You can keep these little babies in an airtight container like a Tupperware container for up to a week and a half and they will still taste great!!

2. Less calories! Even with the toppings I put on, the calorie count is WAY LESS than the fried kinds you are used to!

3. More options! You can stack em, bag em, box em and more! They don't stick together like the doughnuts you think about when you think "doughnuts".

In other news, we are gearing up for a VERY pink bridal store opening! Check them out at Our good friends, Tasos, Anna and Amy are celebrating the opening of their store and office!!! We have a table set up and I am so excited to share the photos with you all!!!

Thank you all for reading!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

So you want a unique favor for your wedding?!

I fell into the cupcake craze a couple years ago and I started a business with that...I called it Lil' Fellas Cupcakes. I mostly got orders from my parent's neighbors and a few off craigslist.I quickly got the name the Cupcake Queen. It got to the point where everywhere I turned...LITERALLY EVERYWHERE I turned there was someone making cupcakes, a cupcake store, cupcake stationary, cupcake soap, cupcake flavored lip balm.

Now, cupcakes are still popular. Not as much as they once were obviously but people still include them in their wedding receptions. I got married in June and our favors were a little box with 2 mini cupcakes in them with our initials on a fondant dot on top. I am not going to tell you all who did the cupcakes but I hated them...they weren't decorated professionally, they looked messy and I personally didn't like the way they tasted. At that point I decided...MAN I AM SOOOOOOOO TIRED OF CUPCAKES!!!!!

I wish I would have done this doughnut thing before our wedding because I totally would have done them. I wish I could describe the look on people's faces when they receive a cello bag filled with mini colourful doughnuts. Society associates the word doughnut with those large, fried, glazed doughnuts and I turned the word doughnut into a miniature, baked, chocolate doughnut that can be CUSTOMIZED and has endless possibilities!

I made cupcakes the other day and I just didn't feel happy anymore like I do when I make doughnuts now. Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything that is mini. I aim to make these a staple in the wedding industry!!!

Picture this: Your guests walk into your beautifully decorated reception room, taking in the lights, the music, the ambiance and they get to their seat and they see a bag filled with mini doughnuts that are your colors with an adorable tag that says "thank you for joining us on our special day" SO CUTE! So do you want a unique wedding favor? Let Dough a Deer take care of it!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

New flavors and a great deal!!!


Peanut Butter
Coconut topped
Peanut topped
Coffee and Doughnut

Helloooo yum!

Also, if you have been holding off on ordering, now is the time because every order placed from today until October 10th will receive a coupon for a free dozen doughnuts with their next order!!! You can use it or give it to a friend who wants to try us out! No minimum order to receive the free dozen!

We also added a halloween party pack for YOUR halloween party!!!

See you on etsy!!! =]

We made it to!

In the Orange County/ San Diego/ LA sections under "Unique Wedding Ideas" in the vendor section. YAY! =]