Thursday, October 21, 2010

Giveaway day #7 Petit Plat! (ends 10/22 @8:30pm PST)


Sorry for the delay but I promise it was worth the wait! :)

Stephanie from Petit Plat is SOOOOOOOO patient and so talented! When I first stumbled apon her etsy site I was so impressed! On her etsy site you can find miniatures (and ohhhh how i Looooveee miniatures!) and miniature food and dessert jewelery!!

I seriously am obsessed and no joke, the next order I get is going to pay for EXACTLY WHAT ONE OF YOU WILL WIN!!!

I cannot wait to get my own and here is your chance to win....

Your choice of her doughnut stud earrings!!!

Personally, I am going to buy her pink ones because, duh! I love pink! :)

Click HERE to see all the ones you can choose from!

1. How did you start your business and when?

I discovered my passion for miniatures in summer 2007, while I was searching for a new hobby because I was bored...

At the time I was still a student and didn't find a summer job so decided to go 7 weeks to my parents. Well after (only) 2 days I got terribly bored and googled like crazy for a new craft.
When I stumbled upon miniatures all my childhood ran back. Indeed as a child, I played a lot with Barbies and made some clay food out of regular sticky clay for them.

Somehow the passion grew bigger and bigger until it got my entire life. It was a struggle to finish my architecture degree but I knew I wanted to work as an artisan.

2. What is your favourite product or design to make for customers?

I don't really have a favorite product. I enjoy various things but periodically. Sometimes I have the urge to make donuts only and I get annoyed when people ask for cupcakes, sometimes in the other way round :)
I certainly do prefer sweet creations. Pizza, sushi and sandwiches are not my favorites to do. So they mostly are done on request and take ages for me to complete…
If you ask a custom pair of cupcake earrings it mostly is done within 2-3 days. But If you ask a pair of sandwich earrings you can wait 3 weeks :D

3. What would you do if someone gave you 1 million dollars to invest in your business?

Ooh. That's a LOT of money. I would buy a flat or house without a doubt. Right now our situation is a bit complicated and we live in furnished flats, moving pretty often.
As I work from home, moving often isn't wonderful for my creative process.

4. How are you gearing up for the holiday season?

Well I make sure I have enough supplies (earring posts, hooks, boxes, bubble letters) and enough stock. Whenever I only have 1 pair of a design left it goes straight on my table to remind me I have to do it again. And mostly I do (unless it's sushi, pizza or sandwiches huh!).

5. So much do you love doughnuts?

I love them thaaaaaaaaat much :D But only in pictures. I never eat any donuts in real life. I think they're just too fat. Besides donuts aren't veer popular in France. But I love their shape and I love decorating them. It's so much fun to ice and decorate miniature donuts, I never get tired of doing it!

So i know what you're do I win, Nicole?

Well let me tell you!

1. Go to her etsy site and tell us what your absolute favourite little faux edible is

2. Become a fan of Petit Plat on FB

3. Follow her blog

4. Of course, if you aren't...become our fan!



  1. I love V cause i could totally share em with my mom

  2. I love love love those red ones!

  3. I love all the things in her shop!! So adorable! I fav'd her on FB

  4. Already a long time fan of Stephanie :)

  5. I love all of her cakes! As a miniature clay food maker myself... I find the details are really hard to master but she does it so lifelike!

  6. I absolutely adore her Liquorice Candy Jar earrings ->

    They are the most gorgeous things I've seen!

    P.S I have "Liked" her FB page and am following her blog :)

  7. Tiny gingerbread house is the most adorable thing ever!
    I follow Stephanie's blog and fb.
    Thank you!

  8. I already follow her blog & FB, but it's so difficult to choose a favourite item - perhaps the Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly Sandwich earrings!?

  9. I just love this

    So adorable !!! And it will be just cute for christmas evening !!! Hope I can afford it !! T.T'

    But she made a really good work !!

  10. my favorites are the cookies half dipped in chocolate!! sooo cute.

  11. Stars her entire store is just adorable but I have to say my favorite is the Turquoise and Chocolate earings. Love those colors!

  12. Beautiful! I Became a fan of Petit Plat on FB

  13. Me gusta todo lo que tienes son muy divertidos, pero el anillo "French Butter Biscuit" me haría mucha ilusión.


  14. Liquorice Candy Jar!!! love it. i love all the stuff actually. ^^
    i've followed her

  15. I love the macaron rings! So cute and elegant.

  16. I'm also following this blog and Stephanie's :)

  17. I loveee the chocolate ones!
    I'm a little confused on how to enter. I did everything, but there isn't a form to fill out...?

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  19. It is so difficult to choose just ONE favourite... I like everything Stephanie makes @_@ But if I really -have- to choose, then it would be these turquoise and chocolate cupcake earrings:
    The colors go so well together <3

  20. I've been following PetitPlat on DeviantArt for a while now, I've had an obsession with food miniatures since childhood! I continually beg my boyfriend for various pieces but he's stingey and forgetful :P I think I have a soft spot for her fruit tarts- the miniature pieces of fruit are adorable, particularly the little bananas.
    Of the doughnuts I think the striped ones are cute!

  21. I love the crispy croissant ring!

  22. and now I am a fan of you as well! very glad I came across your blog !

  23. My fave item is the "sprinkles and birthday cupcake earrings" :D

    I'm a fan of her facebook

    I followed her blog.

    I'm a fan of your page as well.

  24. Red Berries - Pendant
    Has to be my favourite. The detail in the strawberries and the raspberries are so cute. : )

  25. I am a new fan of Petit Plat on fb

  26. I love the Strawberry Love Earrings, the cupcakes are so stinkin' cute!!!

  27. I've always loved those pink birthday donut earrings! <3

  28. And of course I'm a fan of Dough a Deer!!!!

  29. I have been a DeviantArt stalker of PetitPlats for a while. I am currently in LOVE with her gingerbread houses! So much so that I want to get them as gifts for people to give them holiday cheer all year round! They are the cutest little houses. I have to say, though, pretty much all her work is awesome. How can you really pick just one? My husband would freak if I purchased all the stuff of hers that I loved. ^_^

  30. I love her
    I follow her on deviantArt (I don't have a FB account) and I love her work! Her latest gingerbread houses are specially awesome.

  31. I adore looks yummy! :D

  32. oh and i'm a fan of Petit Plat on FB, even on Deviantart ;) and of course i'm fan of you!

  33. Oh my god everything is SO cute!!!
    -I became a fan of Petit Plat on FB
    -I'm following her blog
    -I'm following/became a fan of this blog

    It's so hard to pick a favorite but I am LOVING these donut studs!
    I love these:

    and I'm also seeing a few on this one that are ADORABLE!:

    this is a great give-away!!!

  34. oh and I'm following her on DeviantArt too ^_^ Amazing, amazing stuff!

  35. I'm a fan of everything....Her holiday ginger bread house is my new fav.

  36. I am a fan of her miniature cakes. They look realistic.

  37. Stephanie's work is so amazingly perfect! It was tough to choose just one, but I managed :)
    They're genius! :)

  38. I already follow PetitPlat on Twitter

  39. I love the doughnuts!!! And follow her blog..

  40. I love her gingerbread houses and her cake earrings!

  41. I've finished everything :D

    I LOVE the chocolate ones with the rainbow sprinkles. They are so yummy looking :))

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