Monday, October 18, 2010

Giveaway Day #4- Stelie Designs (Ends 10/19 @ 12:30pm PST)


I came across the lovely Stelie Designs on Facebook first and let me tell you...I am a sucker for adorable stationary and invitations. Seriously, I am. I envy those with graphic design skills because, well...I don't have them at all. Stephanie does notepads, wedding invites, stationary, baby announcements, greeting cards and calendars and guess what...she does custom stuff too!!! In fact, I fell so in love with her doughnut design she is giving away today that I am going to order a notepad for Dough a Deer!

So entering this giveaway today gets you a set of 8 of her doughnut design (or other design if you don't want the doughnut) with your personalization! Sound good? I think it sounds great!!!

1.     How did you start your business and when?
The condensed version…I started my business 10 years ago after a
friend of mine said I should. Then I was working too many hours
at my day job and only able to do invitations for family and friends.
In 2007, I quit my day job to stay home full time with my then 2 year
old twins. Found etsy late in 2007 but didn’t get my shop stocked
until 2008. I had another set of twins in 2009 and I have finally
been able to grow my business in the last 6 months.

2. What is your favourite product or design to make for customers?
That’s a toss up between wedding invitations and custom items.
Wedding invitations because I love creating something for two people
in love. Custom items because it pulls me out of my comfort zone and
really gets my creative juices flowing, which usually ends up with new
designs in my shop too.

3.What would you do if someone gave you 1 million dollars to invest in your business?
Rejoice….after doing a happy dance, I would purchase the industrial
paper cutter I’ve been eyeing, a full time marketing specialist, an
employee to package/ship my orders, hire a professional to photograph
my products and someone to design my website. Then I’d probably need
to invest in another printer or so to keep up with all the overwhelming
orders flooding in from my killer marketing specialist. I love designing
and have control issues so it would be a challenge.

4. How are you gearing up for the holiday season?
Last year I was very overwhelmed by the volume so this year, I’ve
been planning ahead by stocking up on my paper goods, looking to
streamline some processes and my packaging. Plus, we moved almost 2
months ago so it’s getting my office fully organized.

5. So much do you love doughnuts?

Too much…when I was growing up on early mornings when we took my
Dad to the airport we’d stop for donuts on the way home. I still
indulge on occasion and always go for the one with sprinkles. My kids
always choose sprinkles when they are allowed to have such yummy donut goodness.

So how do you win!? EASY PEASY!!!
Don't forget to leave a separate comment for each don't want to miss out!

Entry #1- Follow Stelie Designs on FB!

Entry#2- Go to her etsy shop and tell us what your favourite design is of hers!

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  1. Wonderful!
    I followed Stelie Designs on FB :)

  2. My favorite design is Stelie Designs 2011 Desk Calendar
    Simply love this beautiful idea, the creative design and colors - beautiful calendar <3

  3. And I'm already a fan of Dough a Deer ^_^

  4. I like to apple note cards. Very cute

  5. I like the birdcage cards!


  6. I'm a fan of dough a deer on facebook!


  7. Follow Stelie Designs on FB


  8. I've been following Stelie on FB forever

  9. So hard to chose a favorite, either the owl, the birdcage, the birds kissing, or the donuts!

  10. Visited the etsy site and I like the classic2 & olive designs

  11. I am now following Stelie Designs on Facebook, thanks for the recommendation!

  12. My favorite design from Stelie Designs Etsy shop has to be the cute owl couple, I love owls!

  13. New follower on Stelie Designs blog!

  14. I'm a Dough a Deer facebook fan!