Saturday, October 2, 2010

So you want a unique favor for your wedding?!

I fell into the cupcake craze a couple years ago and I started a business with that...I called it Lil' Fellas Cupcakes. I mostly got orders from my parent's neighbors and a few off craigslist.I quickly got the name the Cupcake Queen. It got to the point where everywhere I turned...LITERALLY EVERYWHERE I turned there was someone making cupcakes, a cupcake store, cupcake stationary, cupcake soap, cupcake flavored lip balm.

Now, cupcakes are still popular. Not as much as they once were obviously but people still include them in their wedding receptions. I got married in June and our favors were a little box with 2 mini cupcakes in them with our initials on a fondant dot on top. I am not going to tell you all who did the cupcakes but I hated them...they weren't decorated professionally, they looked messy and I personally didn't like the way they tasted. At that point I decided...MAN I AM SOOOOOOOO TIRED OF CUPCAKES!!!!!

I wish I would have done this doughnut thing before our wedding because I totally would have done them. I wish I could describe the look on people's faces when they receive a cello bag filled with mini colourful doughnuts. Society associates the word doughnut with those large, fried, glazed doughnuts and I turned the word doughnut into a miniature, baked, chocolate doughnut that can be CUSTOMIZED and has endless possibilities!

I made cupcakes the other day and I just didn't feel happy anymore like I do when I make doughnuts now. Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything that is mini. I aim to make these a staple in the wedding industry!!!

Picture this: Your guests walk into your beautifully decorated reception room, taking in the lights, the music, the ambiance and they get to their seat and they see a bag filled with mini doughnuts that are your colors with an adorable tag that says "thank you for joining us on our special day" SO CUTE! So do you want a unique wedding favor? Let Dough a Deer take care of it!!!


  1. Ridiculously adorable! I found you through a tweet from Pizzazzerie. I featured your shop on my Edible Crafts blog today ( Hope that's OK! Cutest ever concept!

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  3. So chic ideas for unique wedding favors. I am totally impressed and will share these ideas with my best friend who will be tying knot soon at one of the destination beachside Chicago venues. Hey, if you have some DIY décor ideas too for a beach ceremony then please share that too.