Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Giveaway day #6 Milk and Cookeez! Ends 10/21 @ 2pm PST

Great turnout for this giveaway! :) The winner is comment 31!
Congrats Stacey! Email Tammy to arrange for your prize! :)

Okay...seriously. Tammy from Milk and Cookeez is soooo talented. Anyone that can make soap look EXACTLY like food and popcicles and candy is OH. MY. GOSH. I'm not joking...if you have never heard of Milk and Cookeez, you have been seriously missing out and when you visit her website you won't be able to leave!!!

This lovely lady has something for everyone! She agreed to donate some doughnuts to the cause and guess what one of YOU will win!

One regular sized chocolate glazed doughnut

and 4 mini apple cider doughnuts in a take out container!!!


1. How did you start your business and when? I started Milk and Cookeez in

May of 2008 as a hobby and on Sept 11th of 2008, I became a

registered business.

2. What is your favourite product or design to make for customers? I

love making fun "food" themed soaps. I love nothing more than taking

soap mold and making it look just like an edible treat. Right now,

because it changes as I get new ideas, I love making Sea Salt Caramel

Apples. It is so fun taking a soap apple and dipping it about 5 times

build up the "caramel" and have it just like a caramel apple.

3. What would you do if someone gave you 1 million dollars to invest in

your business? Oh wow, that is an awesome question, I am such a

I would invest in a Milk and Cookeez Shop with a work area and a

teaching/party area. I would also invest in some serious PR. I would

also donate a portion of it to the Juvenile Diabetes Association.

of why I started making such edible looking treats was because I

to stop eating the treats and still enjoy them.

4. How are you gearing up for the holiday season? I am starting this

year right, I am stocking up. Normally, I make everything as the

come in, but the growth of Milk and Cookeez has gotten to the point

I have to keep my biggest sellers in stock.

5. So much do you love doughnuts? If my brain didn't know

better, I would happily eat 3 at a time. However, since I know how

are made, I have to cut them in 1/3's and have a total of 1. This is

because I love different kinds of doughnuts and want to taste them

You know the drill!!! 24 hours to enter and win!

Entry #1- Go to the website and tell us your favourite product!

Entry #2- Become a fan on FB!

Entry#3- Of course, if you aren't already...become our fan!



  1. I have just recently become a fan, I am saving my pennies(unemployed recently :( )I can't wait to purchase your products! :) I so want to try the cupcake soap, they are so pretty.

  2. I LOVE the rock candy soap!!! I just ordered some and used them as party favors and they were a HUGE hit! I just adore Milk and Cookeez...can't wait to try out some more of Tammy's goodies! :)

  3. I'm a loyal Milk and Cookeez Facebook follower! :)

  4. Love the peppermint bark soap pop! Yummy!

  5. I'm a milk and cookeez fb fan!

  6. I'm a new dough a deer fb fan! Cheers!

  7. I like the rock candy soap!


  8. Liked Milk and Cookeez on facebook


  9. I'm a dough a deer fan


  10. I'm a new fan of Dough a deer!!! Yummo :0)~

  11. I've been a wonderful fan of milk and Cookeez on FB!!!

  12. Love the cupcake soap!!! How adorable and yummy looking :))

  13. Became a fan of Milk and Cookeez on FB

  14. Amazing soaps! I loved the Sweeteez Soapopz in pink white and green :)

  15. Seems popular...but I love the rock candy soap! Looks so good I could eat it.

    jrzfinz at gmail dot come

  16. I love and want everything on the website but what I thought was so cool was the hand candy solid lotion bar!!!!

  17. Love the hot chocolate soap pops!

  18. I LOOOOOVE milk and cookeez... my absolute fave is the foaming body scrub! I actualy have some in my tub right now and must order more!

  19. I'm going to have to stay true and say I love the cupcake soap!!!

  20. And I'm a fan of dough a deer on Facebook already :)

  21. Already a fan of Dough a Deer on facebook