Saturday, February 5, 2011


So I've been lucky enough to get to try some yummy treats over the past week and I would like to share the amazing goodies with you but I can't! What I CAN do is tell you about them and make you want to buy some of your own...which won't be hard to do! :)

1. My first goodies came from the lovely Breeze at Madyson's Marshmallows!
As you know, I have a weakness for anything that looks like a doughnut...and doughnuts as well. When I came across these little beauties I HAD to try them! I contacted Breeze via her etsy page and she was so lovely to speak to and she sent some samples out right away! Then the box arrived and look what I saw when I opened it!She sent 3 flavors! Original, macadamia coconut and toffee crunch. O.M.G! I of course had to share with some other expert tasters (my family and friends) and each one got the same review...AMAZING!!!

The marshmallow/chocolate combination is one to be smitten with! I actually hid the original ones so no one else could have any hahah! They are so creamy and scrumptious that I am pretty sure I could eat a couple pounds of it. lol. They are handmade and hand dipped in small batches so you can rest assured that they are fresh! Her flavor combinations are spot on! Her shop has some other AMAZING stuff that I can't wait to try! Heart shaped marshmallows, s'mores bar, and OMG marshmallow chip fluffs. Seriously, my mouth is watering!

You HAVE to go visit her and try some of her goodies!!

2. Cake pops from Dreamin N Details I LOVE cake pops and I cannot make them myself for the life of me for some I have to rely on yummy shops to make them for my belly :)

Cineca is so lovely and she sent me 3 flavors...s'mores (you know how I love it) Devils food (everyone's favourite) and blueberry (a flavor i've never seen before in a cake pop!) The s'mores is heavenly like I expected it to be! The devils food was so creamy and delicious I kinda...ate all 3 myself. I'm not much of a berry fan so I gave one to my room mate to try and by the time I turned around to ask her what it tasted like it was gone. Then she asked for the other two. lol. She is pretty picky to so I take that to be a good sign :)She sent me a little note :)
Check out her facebook and become a fan and see what is happening over at her blog!!


3. Lollipops from The Sweetest Affair
This is one of the most unique things I have seen in the party world!! Lollipop flowers!! At the sweetest affair they have some of the yummiest lollipop flavors I have ever tasted then they wrap them with handmade paper flowers! A true labor of love and beauty!

They sent me one of each of their flavors such as: Banana split, blueberry, peach mango, cherry, pina colada and more...the flavors were perfect and where I didn't get to see a flower in person the photos speak for themselves.
Go check out their website for their beautiful photos and to try some of their yummy lollipops!!!

Make sure you go and leave them all some love!! They are all amazing and you'll definitely want to try every one of their goodies!!!


  1. yay!! Im so glad you liked them!! The S'mores are one of my favorites too! I already have three clients talked into ordering your awesome donuts :) I can NOT wait to try them!! xoxo

  2. :) I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEED them! =]. Thanks so much for sending them! I will have to order some soon! And you know where to find me, darling :)