Monday, March 28, 2011

Some fun display ideas!

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is well!

A LOT has been going on lately and I wanted to show everyone some cute little ideas I threw together for display and presentation for fun!

1. With cute baby shower themes and late night snacks and brunches the day after your wedding there are so many fun possibilities for doughnuts! Here we put 3 of our chocolate chip cookie doughnut holes in a clear cello bag and tied them to the neck of a glass bottle. So simple and such a big statement!

2. Paper straws are popping up everywhere! What a cute alternative to a cake pop...just push your favourite paper straw into a doughnut hole and wala! Easy!

3. Take your favourite cupcake recipe and put a doughnut onto the top of the frosted cupcake! You can even use store bought cupcakes with this one too! So many different combinations and 2 treats in one =]

4. Take a shot glass and fill it with milk then put a cute toothpick through the doughnut and lay on top of the shot glass!

Enjoy...if you have any photos of how you used your dough a deer doughnuts we would love to see them!!

Have a great week!!

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