Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vendor Review--Melicious Mama cupcakes, cakes and cookies

Cupcakes...I used to make them and decorate them and sell them. I broke up with the cupcake for the doughnut but if ever there was a time to miss an ex, THIS IS IT.

I came into contact with Mel-icious about a week or so ago and I told her I would LOVE to review her products. Not only was she totally enthusiastic but she shipped out samples to me right away!

My sweet tooth was expecting a beautiful jar of red velvet (my favourite) but when I opened the box from her I was VERY pleasantly surprised! What drew me to her shop in the first place was her packaging and presentation and she did NOT disappoint!!!

The box was filled with more boxes ( i LOVE to unwrap things!) Black boxes with glittery ribbon and butterflies and amazingnesssss!!! Opening the boxes brought even MORE joy. The packaging was to DIE for. Tied around the cupcake in a jar was a plastic silver spoon and a little capsule filled with sprinkles!!!! WHATTTTTTTTTTT?! You don't even know!

Then I friend helped me, thankfully but really, If she wasn't there I would have been alright. ;)

First was the small samples of the new flavors she was working on...Cookies and Cream and Chocolate milkshake. OH. MY. GOSH, what a dream. I wish I had a bigger sample, seriously!
Red Velvet and cosmic love (with pop rocks frosting) and vanilla love were just as amazing, if not MORE AMAZING. Just the sheer fact that I got to pour my own pop rocks or sprinkles on my cupcakes was fun in itself, but using the little plastic spoon to eat a cupcake was a first for me!

The cake was moist, the frosting not too sweet, not overpowering and not too much (which is a big pet peeve for me with cupcakes) made for an absolutely delicious dessert! And get this, since it's in a jar, you can seal it back up and eat it later...that is, if it lasts until later.

Then came the cookies...oh my lord, the cookies! She sent me 4 cookie monster cookies which literally had EVERYTHING that makes an amazing dessert in one oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips, caramel chips, pecans, walnuts, pretzels and a caramel drizzle. Did i mention I was in heaven? Seriously, i would be happy if I never ate another cookie my entire life. I took a picture off the website because it went too fast to take a photo of. =]. Even my little buddy was in love with the cookies!

Overall score:
Presentation: A+
Taste: A+
Originality: A+

I WILL be going back and ordering from her and I will be recommending her and you should ALL go check her out at her etsy will not regret it. Do you see all these words in CAPS? You know I am serious!

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  1. Sounds and look delicious, will HAVE to give them a try sometime soon!

  2. I have tried their products and they are indeed Fabulous! My mouth is watering from reading your review.