Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seasonal items: Pretzels and peanut clusters

I'd also like to formally introduce you to the seasonal items here at Dough a Deer! They aren't donuts but oh man they are YUMMY and they make their debut in our mother's day packs so it's time for you to meet them!!!!

Caramel pretzels:
My love for handmade caramel was born a couple weeks ago...I tried marshmallows and then I tried caramel and I wanted to put caramel on something salty and crunchy then why not cover it in chocolate, right? Kay, these are amazing...I ate a couple and I didn't regret it for even a second. =]. They come in white and milk chocolate and assorted sprinkles. We can color coordinate sprinkles to your event too =] $1.75 each...bulk discounts available!

Peanut clusters:
Again, my obsession with salty and sweet has gotten the best of me! You know what is fun though, these peanut clusters have tons of options :)
Choose from:
Simple: Peanuts and chocolate
S'mores: Peanuts, chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers
Amazing: Peanuts, chocolate, bacon bits, pretzel bits
Yum: Peanuts, chocolate, caramel, krispies
Contact us if you'd like to try something custom--Prices vary

Thank you again for your continued support of us! We couldn't do it without you and we do it FOR you!!! =]

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